1. Introduction

Like a supercomputer, the human brain takes in various stimuli, and processes and then outputs them. The stimuli get input through sensory cells, which include seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling. The output includes facial expressions and body movements a person made. From text and pictures to audio and video, there're more and more carriers of information. From browsing text pages to watching live streaming media, the interaction between people and information is getting more and more lively and rapid. The ultimate pursuit of developing digital technology is to make the interaction between humans and information extremely realistic so that humans can perceive digital information as they perceive sound and light in reality. In doing so, virtual and reality can be completely melded, and humans can be completely integrated with information. This ultimate product is the metaverse.

The metaverse depicts an attractive future for people, where people will break the limits of the physical world and freely create a boundless, eternal and colorful digital world through the ultimate bionic interactive experience. Human society will be mapped and reconstructed in the metaverse, and people's work, life and entertainment will migrate to the metaverse and create a new form of civilization. In the metaverse, you can experience any life you desire, play any role you want to be, and create any world you long for. The metaverse is believed to be something that should never be manipulated or shut down by an organization or individual, where your digital assets truly belong to you and no one can tamper with or take away...

It is no doubt that this is an exciting and thrilling future for everyone. The continuous improvement and breakthroughs in underlying technologies such as blockchain, XR, and network transmission confirm the belief that this day will surely come. However, advances in technology are always double-edged, and we must think ahead and eliminate the negative effects. While the metaverse brings the ultimate immersive experience for human beings, it will also make them more and more dependent on the metaverse. Even except for the basic physiological needs, everything is realized in the metaverse. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to ensure the data security, eternality and asset confirmation of the metaverse. Decentralizing large applications is key to achieve this goal. While it is not completely realized yet. And the existing blockchain can only support the decentralization of application digital assets and cannot support large and complex computations, so almost all parts of the application such as logical computation, data storage and image rendering are centrally processed. While these parts can completely manipulate the distribution of digital assets on the chain. In this way, the whole metaverse will be controlled by a few people, and all users will become the captive lambs in this virtual world. Therefore, the metaverse cannot be fully realized without decentralizing large applications. For this reason, we build Ethanim.

Ethanim provides an integrated solution from the bottom to the presentation layer of XR applications. It adopts a technical solution that is completely different from the existing ones, and enables large decentralized applications to have the performance and experience comparable to centralized applications on the premise of guaranteeing security. It is truly eternal and allows blockchain to completely escape from problems such as slow transaction and low concurrency and being unable to support large complex computations. At the same time, with XR technology, it can also provide a fully immersive experience for upper layer applications. It is a sophisticated technical innovation and an amazing new blockchain architecture which will improve the metaverse and provide it with powerful technical support. It can be said that Ethanim is building a real metaverse.

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