4. Changes brought by Ethanim

4.1 For Metaverse

4.1.1 Redefine the concepts of "people", "space" and "applications" Redefine what "people" are

3D Avatar

Instead of lifeless profile pictures and nicknames, users can make a 3D image exactly like themselves with one click, or freely customize various 3D images such as animals, monsters, aliens, etc. Everyone will have their own 3D avatar in the metaverse.

Universal and Interactive

Users can use their 3D avatar to travel through various metaverse applications. User's behaviors including facial expressions and body movements can be synchronously mapped to his/her 3D avatar. Thus, no matter what kind of interaction you have with other users, real-time or non-real-time, would be like being face-to-face. Instead of staring at the screen, you can project directly in front of you when chatting with orthers online.

Decentralized Identity System

Users will have a completely decentralized ID — DID. It completely belongs to the users and no one can deprive them of it, shut it down or tamper with it. And the DID will be used as a single sign-on(SSO) account to help users access all metaverse applications with one click, and data of all applications can be merged. Redefine what a "Space" is

Combining Virtual World and Real World

The metaverse must not be cut off from the real world. Instead, it is based on the real world. In such a dual reality, the real world and the virtual world will converge and interact with each other.

Multi-layer Virtual Space

Physical space is always limited, while virtual space can be infinitely scalable. Ethanim allows users to open up a parallel virtual world with multiple layers based on the real world, where everyone can have one or more layers of space and they can also travel to other users' space, just like visiting someone's Facebook or Twitter.

Free to Build

Ethanim supports users to freely arrange their own space and provides a model editor and a trading market. Users are free to build 3D models or buy other models from the market and assemble them. 3D mapping of existing NFT collections is also possible. For example, you can choose a location in your city to arrange your own virtual collection, make your city into your own collection and share your space with your friends who can use XR glasses to enter your space with one click to explore your virtual world.

Digital Assets

All the 3D elements in each layer of the virtual space are NFTs, the ownership will fully belong to the users. And the users are free to buy, sell, transfer or even destroy their own space. No one can deprive them of or delete it. Redefine what an "Application" is


Ethanim metaverse applications are not isolated or fragmented like Web 2.0 applications. Instead, they will be connected, integrated and interoperated with each other. Users can travel through applications seamlessly with their identity information and digital assets, and data changes generated in one application will also be reflected in another application. For example, if your friend uses the editor to build a new 3D virtual maze in his space, you can jump directly to his space and find the maze according to the navigation.


There is no obvious boundary between the applications of Ethanim, which interact with each other in a close relationship. For example, when you visit a friend's spatial layer, you can directly open the AR game and play against your friend in your friend's spatial layer. And the layer will directly become the game scene.

To be Eternal

The comprehensive metaverse decentralization solution proposed by Ethanim ensures that metaverse applications have performance comparable to centralized applications while guaranteeing complete decentralization, so that logical computation and image rendering of metaverse applications are secure and trustworthy. Data is stored permanently, and services run continuously without anyone being able to tamper with or shut down. In this way, the metaverse applications can be eternal.

4.1.2 Reliable Economic System

A reliable economic system is the basis to run a metaverse application. Ethanim provides the standard digital assets creation and circulation protocol for metaverse applications. It allows users to freely create and trade digital assets in the metaverse with eternal ownership.

For example, the digital assets such as game equipment, digital artwork and virtual avatar that you get in the metaverse application completely belong to you. And their value is completely determined by the market. You can dispose of, circulate, and trade them without being restricted by any institution. You don't need to worry about the assets going to zero or can't be exchanged with cash. You can also get perfect and rich financial services such as collateralized lending, securitization, and insurance of digital assets. For example, you can use your virtual identity reputation for the unsecured loans of digital currency, or you can be hired in the metaverse and get paid for your work. It can be converted to real-work currency to earn real income in the metaverse. Ethanim let the metaverse be a part of the users' life.

4.1.3 Multi-dimensional Parallel Space

The metaverse shouldn't be an isolated application. It should be an ecosystem gathered together with different applications. With the unique architecture, Ethanim can enable large applications to scale onchain, making it possible to support a large number of large applications, and users will get a feeling that is not inferior to that of centralized applications. Imagine, on Ethanim, users can freely choose to play different roles and experience different lives in any virtual world, how exciting it will be!

4.2 For users

4.2.1 Seamless Migration of Application Ecosystem

Traditional applications can be directly deployed on the chain without redevelopment to be a fully decentralized metaverse application. The familiar application ecology of users will be able to be migrated to the metaverse.

4.2.2 Self-motivated Economic System

The implementation of eternal applications requires not only technical support but also economic incentives that encourage users to maintain and create.

Ethanim allows users to launch and improve their own applications, and the users can get the corresponding benefit. From the perspective of user incentive, it will make the applications eternal.

4.2.3 Rich and Amazing Experience

Users can create different versions of metaverse applications like a MOD of the game as they wish. And they can travel the virtual world immersive with virtual identity information and digital assets. Digital assets can be presented in different forms to experience a different life.

4.2.4 Free use

The Ethanim platform is paid for according to the use of resources. Unlike other platforms that require users to pay, Ethanim creates a public expense account for all applications deployed on it. The DAO is responsible for raising and managing the funds, and all incurred resource usage costs will be charged to the public expense, which is completely free to all users.

4.3 For Developers

4.3.1 No Costs for Learning and Migration

Developers can use any familiar language, development framework and tool engine to develop metaverse applications like traditional applications, fully compatible with the traditional development ecology.

Traditional applications and existing DApps can be migrated directly to Ethanim without any modification.

4.3.2 One-click Onchain and Multi-Chains Assets Compatability

Ethanim provides developers of decentralized applications with a rich tool component package. Developers can implement the one-click distribution of Token, NFTs, and quickly develop large, complex and fully decentralized applications, build 3D models, and develop XR applications with their familiar programming language without learning additional blockchain techniques.

4.3.3 Protection of Creators' Interests

Decentralization and free creation of applications do not mean indulgence to harm the creators' interests. Ethanim uses trusted computational verification and blockchain-right confirmation to ensure that the original creators of applications and digital assets can receive a constant stream of revenue from derivatives.

4.3.4 Developing is Mining

A portion of the tokens paid by users for using the application will be rewarded to the developers, and the system will also reward tokens based on the usage of the application (number of interactive addresses, GAS consumption, etc.). It will encourage the developers to develop more popular metaverse applications by users.

4.4 For Miners

4.4.1 Reuse of Idle GPU mining machine

The popularity of the PoS consensus mechanism will make GPU mining machines, which only do brute force computation, step down from the stage of history. While the metaverse needs lots of image computation, Ethanim supports the miners' access freely to contribute their computing power of GPU mining machines and get token rewards. It resumes the original use of GPU, and miners can find a more sustainable way to gain more and longer revenue.

4.4.2 Extremely Low-threshold Access

Ordinary users can use very low hardware configurations, such as their own cell phones, laptops and hard drives, to become a miner as validators or storage nodes for token rewards from the system. Lowering the threshold for miners can promote the decentralization of the system.

4.4.3 Mining with multiple purposes

Ethanim encourages applications to build their own economic models to reward nodes for more hash rate support. Node miners can be rewarded with both platform tokens and application tokens.

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