9. Roadmap

2021 Q2 (Done)
· Ethanim: Proposed decentralized solution for the metaverse
2021 Q4 (Done)
· Ethanim White Paper
2022 Q1 (Done)
· Tokyo, Japan launch event.
· Official Website Launch.
2022 Q2 (Done)
· Metaverse Guardians: Launched the activity of Metaverse Guardians, and released · the pioneer Guardians white list.
2022 Q3 (Done)
· Ethanim official website 2.0 launch
· Bastet NFT release
· Validator node mining client development completed
· Ethanim testnet development completed
· RSM1.0 development completed
· Ethanim AR application design completed
2022 Q4
· EPU Genesis release
· Validator node mining launch
· Ethanim testnet online
· RSM 1.0 launch
· Ethanim AR application launch, open minting for land NFTs
2023 Q4
· Mainnet: Mainnet launches, DApp developing and deploying come online for developers
· XR device: XR devices open for sale
· Meta GPU/Eternal File System: Embracing the metaverse era