1. Introduction
As the recognized ultimate form of the Internet, the metaverse depicts an attractive future. People can break the limits of the physical world and create a boundless, everlasting and colorful digital world through the ultimate bionic interactive experience.
Human society will be mapped and reconstructed in the metaverse. People will migrate their work, life and entertainment to the metaverse and create a new civilization. In the metaverse, people can experience any aspired life, play any role and create any world they envision. The metaverse is believed to be something that should never be manipulated or shut down by any institution or individual. People's digital assets truly belong to themselves and no one can tamper with or take them away.
There is no doubt that the future will excite and thrill everyone. With the continuous breakthroughs in the underlying technologies such as blockchain, VR/AR and network transmission, people are more convinced that the day will surely come. However, the decentralization of application, as the core requirement to ensure the eternal life, free creation and security of the metaverse, is still not fully implemented: nowadays blockchain can only support the decentralization of digital assets of DApps but can't support the large-scale and complex computing, so almost all applications such as logical computation, data storage and image rendering are centrally processed to control the distribution of the digital assets on the blockchain. In this way, the whole metaverse will be controlled by the minority, and all users will be the captive lambs in the virtual world. A real metaverse must achieve the full decentralization of large-scale applications. For this reason, we build the Ethanim.
Ethanim is a metaverse infrastructure that can support the full decentralization of large-scale applications. It's technical implementation which is totally different from that of the existing blockchain platforms can enable the large-scale decentralized applications to have comparable performance and use experience with the centralized applications while ensuring security. And it truly achieves eternality to avoid the problems of blockchain completely, such as slow transaction, low concurrency and inability to support large-scale and complex computations. It is a complex technological innovation and an amazing blockchain architecture that will provide complete and powerful underlying support for the metaverse.
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